La Typographe lead holder review

I feel really stupid writing about a product you can’t easily get in the States or online… but my local knick-knack store happens to carry the La Typographe lead holder and I wanted to talk about it, because the price is right and it’s so beautiful and well-made.

Pencils in box

Rob and I each bought one – I bought the white, and Rob bought the orange. We were so excited we couldn’t even wait until we got home to open them (local people: you can find these in Black Ink in Harvard).

Trying it out!

The lead that it came with is pretty standard, nice and soft (but not too soft!). I was able to shade with the point pretty easily, which is really nice. I also did a quick sketch with it, and it was nice (good thing, too, because I lost my mechanical pencil that I use for undersketches…). I prefer to do undersketches with blue lead, but luckily the La Typographe pencils take standard 2mm lead, so I can buy lead refills online or maybe even at Blick.

Okay but the best part is…

Augustus was VERY interested in batting it around!

I know that doesn’t look exciting, but it is. It’s the top of the pencil, which screws off to reveal a mini sharpener! So you don’t have to buy a separate, fancy lead sharpener – you can just manually twist the tongs around the lead and it’ll sharpen for you!

Also the lead holder is around $10, which is on the cheaper end of lead holders. Given that it has the built-in sharpener and takes standard lead and is also far cuter than most brands of lead holder out there, I’m really happy with my purchase. It’s going to replace the mechanical pencil (that I can’t find anywhere now… hm) that I usually use. It’ll be nicer to get the benefits of a real wood pencil while ALSO getting the refills and durability of a mechanical pencil.

Anyway I can’t believe I have to say this, but this is definitely not a sponsored post (please, I don’t have enough readers for that!). I’m just super happy with this pencil!


  1. That is so great that you got the pencil and really like it. 😀 Having tools you really love can make drawing/sketching a lot more fun. Hope you continue to enjoy it. 😀

  2. That looks neat! Not something I’d use personally — unless I were on a hunt for a new mechanical pencil — but I’m glad you found this and is working out for you two. Not to mention, that sharpener is certainly handy and convenient! This looks like something I’ve seen my artist friend uses.