Tour of my studio – Part 1

Hey guys, hope you’re enjoying the beginning of the end of this summer weather! Summer is honestly my favorite season – I know it’s in vogue to love fall, but I just love beaches, London lemonades, picnics, bike rides, swimming in the lake, and warmth. In Boston our winters can feel pretty long, so it’s nice to be VERY far away from all that.

Anyway, I thought I’d share some photos of my studio! It’s pretty basic and simple, just took over a spare room where Rob and I work and create things. We’re lucky enough to HAVE a spare room for this – back when I had a tiny apartment, I just carved out a corner of my living room and got really sneaky about storage! So it’s nice to have space now to spread out, and to have all my things in one place! Not have to hunt and dig for art supplies that I swear I have.


Here it is! Where I do 90% of my work… sitting on the floor. Ha! I’ve just always been a floor sitter from the time I was very small. Feels natural to just plop down on the floor and have a nice big surface to work on. The floor table is an Ikea coffee table called the Lack, which everyone knows from their first-apartment days. However, this big square coffee table has been discontinued! Sucks, because it’s the perfect size. I got this one off craigslist.

You can see Rob’s desk to the left – he actually uses the floor table almost as much as I do. We might end up moving this desk to the basement and getting something smaller to hold office supplies. Far to the back you can see the greatest thing ever: the window seat. It’s HUGE and really comfy – full of pillows. It’s the size (though not the shape) of a queen size bed! Two people could sleep on this fairly comfortably. Also – we built it ourselves with nothing but an electric drill and a hand saw! One of my favorite things about this apartment.


My typical work setup. Yes, that’s an “ugly Thinkpad”, but don’t knock it. It has a built-in Wacom tablet and the hardware is all completely 100% removable and replaceable. At some point I’ll upgrade, as this one is rather heavy, the resolution isn’t great, and it’s about 5 years old now, but in the meantime it’s working out really well for all my side design work and art. You can see my enormous amounts of pens/pencils – I take all of those with me everywhere. And my notebook with a certain character from a certain game – bonus points if you guess him!

And of course, a cat.


My buddy, Augustus, in a tiny tiny box. Love this little guy, even if he’s really annoying. He’s been with me since college! He helps me with all my projects, of course, and NEVER ever ever does things like sit on my papers or bat my pens away or step in paint and track it all through the house. He would NEVER do these things. Ever.


So anyway that’s part 1 of my studio tour! I love seeing people’s live/work spaces, so if you feel like sharing your workplace, please do and let me know!

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  1. That’s so interesting you’re a floor sitter! Koreans are floor sitters, and while I did sit on the floor a lot growing up, I never liked it. Even now, I’d much prefer a desk over the floor!

    I love the look of your place. It looks so welcoming 😀 And those windows letting in the natural light really makes a difference in your environment.

    Also, CAT! He’s a cute one ^_^

  2. I’m new to this blog and I love your theme. <3 I'm also envious you have a cat who never does things you mentioned above. My puppies are the opposite. 🙁