Things I’m enjoying lately

Hello! Here is a list of things that I’m really loving.

  • Gouache! I did a few gouache paintings last year but mostly I turned to my trusty watercolors. I’m loving the opaqueness of gouache these days though – it’s everything I want from my acrylics without having to haul out my giant palette and do a ton of work. Usually I just want to sit down and paint, and it’s hard to get into the flow of acrylics because I keep having to pause to mix new colors or wash brushes or grab new palette paper.
  • Baking – I used to bake all the time and fell out of the habit. But lately I’m back in the game – I’ve made olive bread with tons of olives (see beautiful photo above) and also tried my hand at vegan creme brulee, which I had to add lots more sugar and vanilla, but it turned out really nice! I need a real kitchen blowtorch for the sugar because if you try to put this under the broiler, the whole thing melts. Not fun. Maybe I’m excited about all this baking because of…
  • The Great British Bake-Off! Everyone I have talked to has loved this show. It’s on Netflix. Please do yourself a favor.
  • The arcade. The neon colors, sounds of coins and tickets and that 8-bit arcade “you won!” sound. I love everything about arcades. Everything. We’ve been trying to make a habit to go to arcades more often. Last time we went we won 50 tickets, which was JUST enough to score us two sour Jolly Rancher lollypops. If that’s not a perfect prize I don’t know what is.
  • Tomie, by Junji Ito. They released the collection a few months ago and I finally got my grubby little hands on it. It’s everything I hoped and dreamed and more.

What are you enjoying lately? Any recommendations for books or games or shows?

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  1. I often like going to the arcade, but sometimes I see it as a waste of money. Maybe the ones here are just a rip-off. Only if I am really good at a game do I bother trying it. Otherwise I get no tickets or no prize and it definitely does seem like a waste. The prizes often cost a lot of tickets, which is a shame. But I have occasionally gone to the arcade and changed my mindset, and just gone to have fun. 😁

  2. Your gouache painting looks great. It’s good that it’s like acrylic paint but without all the work 🙂

    BREAD! That olive bread looks like heaven! I bake, but never bread . . . that’s something I’ll tackle one day. The vegan creme brulee sounds scrumptious!

    Ahhh! Arcades. I miss them from my childhood. They are what got me into gaming, haha, so I have fond memories of them!