Moonrise Kingdom

For years of urging my friend had encouraged me to watch at least one of Wes Anderson’s films. “You’d LOVE them,” he promised me, and he’s my oldest friend and knows me really well, and yet for some reason I just didn’t. I’m just generally so busy with other things that I rarely watch new movies, but after learning that Moonrise Kingdom contains imaginary books that were made up just for the film, Rob and I sat down last night to watch it.

Girl looking out from lighthouse with binoculars

Painting with watercolors


I loved everything about it, but the fake books Suzy carries around were just as wonderful as I had hoped. If they could have taken everything that is Becky and distilled it into a movie, Moonrise Kingdom was that movie. I wanted to move into every single set. Of course I also sketched the whole time!

As for where I’ve been, the answer is busy but also really uninspired and burned out on winter. I bought a Switch and have been spending most of my evenings vegging out with it. We’ve had a very odd winter, alternating too warm and too cold, and only a couple of fierce snowstorms. You’d think that weather would be perfect for just staying in and painting, but it’s instead sapped my energy. Starting to get back into it as we move slowly toward light and warmth.

What are you looking forward to in the coming months?

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  1. Never heard of this film, but it’s good you watched it 🙂 I love it when friends who know you well recommend things to you XD

    I hope the warmer weather will encourage you to do more! I don’t blame you for not wanting to do anything. Work has been burning me out on my end . . . so I am looking forward to my two weeks leave in April! During that time, I’ll be travelling to Japan, so I am looking forward to that 🙂

  2. I have heard of Wes Anderson but haven’t watched any of his movies. That’s great that you enjoyed the recommendation your friend gave you!

    I totally get you about having a odd Winter. I feel like the weather is bipolar sometimes. Warm one day and then the weather completely switches around the next. That’s also really cool that you got the Nintendo Switch! Everyone seems to really like it and Breath of the Wild looks really interesting.

  3. I have not heard of Wes Anderson but it sounds very creative that books were made up just for the movie. I do think it’s an interesting quality when that extra work goes into a movie – that is stuff that most directors don’t care about and they sort of care more about other things, I feel.

    I can understand if it’s winter that it eats at your energy. It happens to me too especially on gloomy days.