I built a table!


How was your Saturday? I spent my day not doing art – sometimes I like to work with my hands in a way that art doesn’t always allow for (at least, not in the way that I want). I wanted a little table for my living room but wasn’t satisfied with the look (or the cost!) of anything I found online so I just built my own.

Unfortunately my camera totally lost the photo I took of the parts! I got all of them from Home Depot – I got a round piece of wood (precut and with a nice edge to it, very handy!) for the tabletop, 4 legs that I had them cut to the size I wanted, and brackets.

The legs had screws already attached, which was handy! They could easily screw into the brackets, and then the brackets attach to the tabletop. Here are the legs all sanded and ready to go!

The tabletop was a nice pine, but the color was a little yellowish, so I stained it with white stain. It was a gamble, honestly – I didn’t know they made white stain! It removed all the yellow perfectly, and left the wood a perfect blonde without diluting the details at all. So I got to keep the beautiful wood grain, but without the yellow! The kind I used was Varathane Antique White.

The top half has no stain, and the bottom half is stained with Antique White. You can see that the top half is more yellow. It’s very subtle – I’m pretty much the only person who would care about it! But it worked out great and I’m so pleased.

I drilled holes and attached the brackets, pretty easy!



After that, I just screwed the legs into the brackets, and then just used Varathane polyurethane on the top of the table. I actually tested out two polyurethanes on some scrap wood – Varathane and Minwax. Minwax was significantly darker! So I went with Varathane, which coated nicely and didn’t change the wood at all.


Super happy with how this turned out! My living room is SO cozy now. The old table I had, I just moved into another room, and it works out better in there anyway! Augustus’ face in this picture cracks me up – he looks so accusing!

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend! Mine has already been super productive!

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  1. the table is really mini and cute! it’s so adorable and a perfect place for miniature indoor plants πŸ˜€

    also, gotta love your living room. it looks so spacious and cozy and definitely my home goals!

  2. Looks like it was easy to do but of course still a great accomplishment! I love how it’s a low-height table. It does give it a bit of a cosier look. I like the pale colour, I normally don’t like wooden items unless they are a lighter brown πŸ˜„

  3. That’s cool that you made your own table! I’ve never made furniture before, but that’s really nice to be able to make something exactly the way you want it. I think the white stain came out well, and I can see the difference! The table looks great in your living room!

  4. The table looks great! Using a stain was a great idea. I think that’s cool that you went out and decided to make your own table, when you couldn’t find the one you were looking for, haha. I would have gave up eventually LOL (I’m lazy)

    And if you’re up for an art exchange, I think that would be awesome!! I’ll send you one as a Christmas card.