Lazy summer days and art popup shops!

Long time no see! I’ve been basically The Busiest Ever. Endless summer days and nights of fully trying to enjoy my summer. We’ve been hanging out at the beach and the park and going on long walks basically nonstop. This is the perfect time of year for that kind of thing. It’s been super hot over the past couple of weeks, but that only adds to it, because it’s perfect beach weather (even if I’m still too chicken to get in our freezing north Atlantic water past my ankles…). Anyway, here are some photos from my phone!

Park picnic
The empty tupperware held dill/rosemary popcorn, which I promptly ate all of in like two seconds
A bird joined our picnic!
A little bird joined us, in search of that delicious popcorn! But I didn’t have any left – it was so sad.
Mohegan Sun skywriting
Of course the Mohegan Sun did some skywriting, because it’s ridiculous. For those who don’t live in New England, it’s a casino, and it’s ridiculous!

Okay now the real reason that I’ve been so busy. I’ve been working and helping out my friend Judith Klausner create an art popup shop in Somerville called the Curiosity Shop! It’s REALLY excellent. I’ve been helping out with building/arranging/moving furniture, working in the shop on weekends, and just everything else that needs to be done. Seeing Judith achieve something so stunning and wonderful has been basically the best thing ever.

The Curiosity Shop being set up!
In the middle of setting up. It looks so much more beautiful now! This was a really fun day though.
Almost complete sandwich board - just needs the chalkboard!
Rob and I built a chalkboard sandwich board out of two picture frames. He did the painting (the chalkboard part wasn’t finished at this point), and I did the drilling/assembly. It was REALLY fun.
Two sheets of bug stickers, ready to be cut out
I made a ton of little bug stickers in watercolors…
A dish of the stickers, with a label that says they were made by me!
That are now featured in the Curiosity Shop!

If you live in the Boston area, please come check it out! It’s REALLY amazing – part art gallery, part natural history museum, part antique store… It’s worth coming to at least dig around in the piles of treasure! And if you come on Saturdays or Sundays, chances are you’ll see me, come say hi!

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Featured artist: Lucas Lasnier aka PARBO

I recently came across the art of Lucas Lasnier aka PARBO. His art is breathtakingly and vividly organic, his use of colors superb. I’m so inspired by his work, by the shapes, the bright colors, the softness, and the fact that he works in acrylic paint! Inspired by skateboard culture, heavy metal, and street art, Lucas paints surrealist images in both small and large scale, everything from package design to murals.

When I look at his work it reminds me of a beautiful dream. His work is a glimpse into a wonderful world full of skulls and splotches and nature, a candy-colored experience. Check it out here!

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