Today is a quiet day

I don’t know how to say much about today, just that yesterday my company announced I’m quitting my job.

It was a long and hard decision, not one made lightly. I’ve been at my current gig for almost a year and a half, and I realized that I need to branch out to improve my design skills. I hit my point there¬†where I realized that although I’d still be able to learn, my learning has already¬†slowed down, as I’m working on the same product day in and day out. I can’t slow down, though – I need to accelerate my skills, and move faster!

It wasn’t easy to make this decision, and it’s not easy to quit a job not knowing what’s next. But I have plans – big plans. I’ll be doing some freelance work, some personal design challenges, and sharing what I learn here on this blog.

For now, though, today I will mourn the job that taught me so much and I loved so much – I will miss everyone there and my last day will be sad!

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