Featured artist: Lucas Lasnier aka PARBO

I recently came across the art of Lucas Lasnier aka PARBO. His art is breathtakingly and vividly organic, his use of colors superb. I’m so inspired by his work, by the shapes, the bright colors, the softness, and the fact that he works in acrylic paint! Inspired by skateboard culture, heavy metal, and street art, Lucas paints surrealist images in both small and large scale, everything from package design to murals.

When I look at his work it reminds me of a beautiful dream. His work is a glimpse into a wonderful world full of skulls and splotches and nature, a candy-colored experience. Check it out here!

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1 Comment

  1. Oh, wow! His stuff is definitely vivid. Makes me think of all the energy people have in life 🙂

    I have to admit I am not really into these kind of art, but I do appreciate the talent all the same. Thanks for sharing, Becky!