My new printer

For the longest time I scoffed at printers. They were cheap plastic, the ink was expensive, the print quality wasn’t even that great for the price, etcetera. Iin my defense, printers from 5 years ago weren’t nearly on par with printers today – the technology has gotten far better, both from a hardware and software standpoint. But for the time being I’ve just used a black and white laser printer for the little printing I ever did.

Just last week I, the Queen of Frugality, splurged on an engagement present for myself! I bought the Epson Artisan 1430 wide-format printer, using a discount Rob had. I haven’t opened my print shop yet, but this will be perfect in preparation for that. I’m also preparing my artwork for a super secret popup shop that may be happening here in the Boston area soon! I wanted to have full control over my prints and start producing them in a way that will ultimately be cost effective, and given that I just don’t have a color printer at all, this was the thing that made sense.

Look at the SIZE of this thing! It’s huge! Check out my (large and dusty) scanner for scale beneath it.

I had to clear off an entire shelf so it would fit. And I couldn’t be happier with how it works! The quality is really good, and it prints up to 13×19 inches, which is ridiculous. I’ve since printed out so much stuff, including making some of my artwork into stickers!


LOVE. One of the tacos is hanging out on my laptop right now, and yes, that’s Neil deGrasse Tyson. I can’t wait to make even more – I have so many ideas. Honestly, the stickers turned out so much better than I thought they would! They’re crisp and gorgeous, and they stick so nicely and feel so good. I love how this is letting me put my creativity into something tangible, something that I can hold and see and use. This printer is letting me actually hold my digital artwork in person, and letting me reproduce my traditional artwork, and it’s bringing me so much joy!

So yeah, definitely an investment but one that I’m happy I made so far! What’s bringing you joy today?

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  1. Ooooh! I’m glad this printer has been a good investment! I’m not fond of Inkjet printers; I much prefer laser printers myself. But this one looks great, and it’s good that you’re doing all sorts of fun projects with it! ^_^

    I’m also curious about this super sekrit pop-up of yours XD I hope that goes well in the end!