My first art market

And yeah I had some stickers in the art fair back in June, but this is the first time I’ve set up a space of my own, had real wares that I’m vending, and actually am doing this for real for the first time. I also designed the website and all the branding, which you can see here.


Here’s my space all set up! It’s in an old medical clinic that moved out and has been abandoned for over a year, so it’s a little surreal walking around – but very fun to see how everyone has set up their little rooms! Mine is the smallest one of them all, because I am cheap and broke, haha.


I painted the backs of jackets so you can walk around like a cool biker person. I wish I had gotten a better photo of the bottom one, because it sold within the first hour of the mall opening! Crazy, right? I added a geometric pattern with black washi tape to liven up the space a bit.


The main area. Ignore all the tools, we were still setting up! My original paintings are on the wall to the left, then I have prints, handbound books, cards, and stickers. My stickers were selling a fair amount – I’m sure some people will pocket a few because they’re so small, but ah well. That’s the way it goes sometimes – and honestly I’d rather people have the stickers if they want them! I made big stickers, small stickers, and Make Your Own Graveyard stickers!

After I got set up I added a few of my friend’s leather midori notebook covers! He’s a fantastic leather artist, and I wanted to help him out by having some of his art in my space! They’re a cheerful orange, and I hope he sells a lot of them.


The one laying down is a watercolor notebook! Honestly I want to start making my own watercolor notebooks! I even make my own bookcloth and everything. Binding books is VERY soothing for me. I love doing it.

And at the front of the shop, I created a sign and we printed it out and hung it up!


It was AMAZING to see my design work in real life. I’ve been running myself so ragged with this art mall – with making art, and doing all the design, and not to mention my day job on top of it all! It felt SO good and SO validating to see that sign hung and ready to go. I need to take a better photo at some point, but it’s so hard with the glare, since it faces south!


Um. Needless to say, I was very happy to see the sign and have everything FINALLY finally come together!

What have you been up to lately? Any accomplishments, big or small? I’m always so hard on myself, I want to take some time to step back and really breathe and celebrate this! It’s open! I’m doing my first artist market! It feels awesome!

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  1. I love your space! All of your pieces have come together so beautifully and shape your space so well. I especially love the washi tape design, Occult Geometries indeed! I commissioned one of those stickers so that I can speak to their awesomeness. That sign looks fantastic, do you think you’ll be able to use it as a blanket afterwards?

  2. Haha I love it! This is awesome. And I love the website, the colours are very bright and inviting. I also love the geometric pattern. And the one you did with the washi tape as well. It’s kinda cool that the whole space used to be an old medical clinic. πŸ˜†

  3. I hope you have a great time with the art market. I really love the design you made with the washi tape and all of the items you have in your room! πŸ˜€ I hope you sell everything.

    The sign and website look so wonderful and very appealing! πŸ˜€ Nice work!