Freebie: Printable weekly planner!

I desperately need a planner of some sort. I’ve always been a planner girl – just a plain, simple planner, nothing special. In college I kept medium size soft-cover planners for writing everything in. I definitely didn’t take the time to decorate them or anything – it was just a way to keep myself organized. Since college I haven’t needed to keep a planner because the only things I had to manage were either in my work calendar or they were just social engagements. But now that I have to juggle commissioned design work, scheduling and keeping track of art, art shows, and more, and also ten tons of other projects, all on top of my 9-5, I need something more to keep myself organized.

These days everything has gotten so fancy and beautiful when it comes to stationery! I’m impressed! But a friend made me a midori traveler’s notebook cover, and I’ve been trying to use it as much as possible. Buying a completely separate planner just didn’t feel right, so I decided this morning to whip up some weekly planner pages.

Planner pages all ready to go!

I made them as simple as possible – just boxes for each day of the week, plus a to do list, plus a space for notes. That’s it! I specifically didn’t want lines on mine so I could write as much or little as I wanted, plus be able to put little sketches or doodles in them. I might even turn it into a mini-sketch-a-day page!

I made it so that two templates fit on one 8.5×11 inch page (standard paper size). This way they should fit pretty much anywhere – they fit fine with some trimming in my traveler’s notebook, and I’m really excited to use them.

Journal pages in the traveler's notebook
Feel free to spy on what’s going on with me next week!

And since they didn’t take very long, and since it was a fun project, please feel free to download them for your personal use (or give as gifts!). Let me know if it helps you out!

Click the image below to download the template (or right click and hit Save Link As)!


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  1. Planners are great – I use them pretty often too. That template is pretty handy. I also made my own, although I didn’t print any templates out haha. I just used a ruler LOL.

  2. Planners are awesome to have, and it reminds me that I have to get a new one for the upcoming school year. I wish I could print that out, but yeah..=)