Art dump – Submissions, sketches, and more

It’s about seriously time for another art dump! I have a couple paintings to share and some other work I’ve been preparing for my first REAL vending experience. I sold stickers at the register at an art popup shop back in June, but now I’ll have my own real space to sell artwork and other treasures I’ve been making for the past few years. I’m really excited and nervous -and, there’s the chance it doesn’t happen at all if there aren’t enough applications. So we’ll see! But I’m preparing in the meantime.


I’ve been taking a painting class every week – it’s mostly self-guided but VERY relaxing to just go somewhere every Wednesday night and paint. I finished this over the summer – it’s called Lost & Beloved. I still kind of want to go back and add a ghost coming out of the grave. 🙂


Another painting I finished – this one I did in just 4 days. I actually painted this specifically to enter into a show, but I didn’t make it in. The theme was “boxed” and I wanted to paint hands holding something, as a box. Around the edges I painted shiny gold, which I really love. Anyway, I’m still proud of it even though it didn’t make it into the show!


STICKERS. As you know I love making stickers. This is the new batch I’ll be selling at the art mall – succulents, eyes, teeth (I love and hate teeth – they weird me out so much), bell jars, and Staff of Asclepius. More to come! I just did another batch of stickers that I can’t wait to post.


A painting that I’m so proud of – just playing with watercolors. We went camping in Connecticut and the trees were just beautiful. It was breathtaking. I’m so happy with how far I’ve come with watercolors – still more to go!

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll definitely be posting more here and on my Instagram (so follow me there!) about the art mall as it hopefully happens. What have you been creating lately?

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  1. Ah, I love your stickers a lot! I do think the teeth are cute. They are a little weird, but I used to want to be a dentist when I was younger and I thought teeth were really intriguing and amazing. 🙂 Love the bell jars too, I would love to see little cactus and rock crystal stickers, that’s what the bell jars remind me of!

    Unfortunately I have not done anything creative but I am helping my fiancé redesign his very outdated Chess app. 😆 So that is something.