Today is a quiet day

I don’t know how to say much about today, just that yesterday my company announced I’m quitting my job.

It was a long and hard decision, not one made lightly. I’ve been at my current gig for almost a year and a half, and I realized that I need to branch out to improve my design skills. I hit my point there where I realized that although I’d still be able to learn, my learning has already slowed down, as I’m working on the same product day in and day out. I can’t slow down, though – I need to accelerate my skills, and move faster!

It wasn’t easy to make this decision, and it’s not easy to quit a job not knowing what’s next. But I have plans – big plans. I’ll be doing some freelance work, some personal design challenges, and sharing what I learn here on this blog.

For now, though, today I will mourn the job that taught me so much and I loved so much – I will miss everyone there and my last day will be sad!

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  1. Quitting a job where you get along with your colleagues is definitely bittersweet. I recently changed jobs and workplace, and I am missing my old place a lot. They were a great team, and I am not feeling the same with my new place. Still, it sounds like this is a step you have to take in order to better yourself. I was very stagnated at my old place, so I can relate.

    Good luck with whatever plans you have! I look forward to seeing what you’ll share 🙂

    1. Thank you! It really is bittersweet – also my company tried for such a long time to help me along, but finally hit the point where there just wasn’t enough work for me there. Thanks for the luck – I’ll need it!

  2. It can be really hard leaving a job, especially one that you learned a lot at, and one where you had great relationships with people. I’ve even left workplaces I didn’t like very much but was very sad to part with some of the people there.

    It’s a brave move you made, quitting without really knowing what’s next. But it can be really exciting, so I wish you all the best, as I’m sure you’ll do really well 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’m excited, and kind of freaked out that I’m not really scared about not having something lined up? Hopefully it’ll work out in the way I hope!

  3. If you’re feeling that you were not improving yourself then maybe you made the right decision. I am sure that you will be great and there will be a lot of opportunities for you out there. Good luck with everything. I can’t wait to see the new designs.

  4. It is bittersweet but think of it like an opportunity. A new room to grow into your skin and branch out like you mentioned. It’s no fun doing the same thing day in day out especially if you feel stunted. Anyhow, good luck! ^^

  5. I wish you all the best with the future. It would be hard to leave a place that has taught you a lot, but you do need to be in a situation that is right for you. 🙂